Creating a global brand for the next generation of insurance.

hepster is here to make insurance more accessible.
By embedding insurance seamlessly in the customer journey.

The challenge

Create a disruptive brand ecosystem to power embedded insurance.

Why is insurance in the 21st century still so complicated? And above all, why is it so difficult to integrate into your everyday life? The insurance landscape is changing. Now it’s time to shape the future of insurance. Creating insurances that are understandable and can be integrated into daily lives with just a few clicks.

Before & after


A full discovery into the business, conducted in a collaborative way.

We began with strategic workshops, high-energy facilitation, and productive “big brand” discussions with key stakeholders. We spent the first month digging into purpose, vision, and values and helping the founders define the culture they wanted to build. We researched the competitive landscape and customer pain points to define product experience goals. The process helped lay the groundwork for the brand strategy.

Brand Strategy

A cohesive brand strategy built to integrate insurance into your everyday life.

We created a strategy to sustain today’s purpose-driven embedded insurance. We chose “I got 99 problems, but insurance ain’t one.” as the brand’s rallying cry. It reflects the most valuable and unique benefit hepster offers.

Verbal Identity

A voice that is bold, outspoken, and radically different.

The hepster voice is about more than how it sounds. It’s about how it makes people feel. Powerful voices don’t speak to sell. They speak to connect and inspire. The same approachable feeling of the name drove the brand voice. We developed the voice of hepster to be simpler, bold and playful, but still remaining trustworthy. We wrote key messages and an inspiring manifesto to synthesize what the company stands for.

Visual Identity

A brand system that stands apart in a busy market.

hepster described themselves as, “A group ready to break barriers and set new standards in the overlapping world of insurance and technology.” Now if that doesn’t call for a bold brand, we don’t know what does. We designed a dynamic and ownable brand language that is interesting, refreshing, and full of wit. From the logo to the photography, every decision was made to speak to the quirky brand hepster asked us to capture.

What we did

  • Color and Type System

  • Graphic Elements

  • Art Direction

  • Brand Guidelines

Brand Activation

Clear guidelines for cohesion and seamless implementation.

hepster needed clear direction to start working toward its ambitious goal of one million empowered entrepreneurs. We designed and developed a cohesive website and delivered it alongside an activation strategy that included social media templates, and print examples.

What we did

  • Social Templates

  • Website Design & Design system

  • Print Examples

Are you ready to rally around your big idea?

© 2023 Frank Koelewijn
© 2023 Frank Koelewijn
© 2023 Frank Koelewijn